Neverending Winter (EP)

by Cailleach

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"Summer may be upon us, but I know some of your hearts are perpetually frozen chunks of solid, bitter earth. I’ve got just the thing for those of you longing for winter’s sweet, cold caress. Cailleach, although hailing from New Zealand, play frosty black metal rooted in the frozen heart of the North. Mournful shrieks, icy riffs, and lugubrious melodies all characterize a surprisingly fast take on the folkier side of the genre. For fans of Antlers, early-Woods of Ypres, and Agalloch" -

We are honored to have had 'Neverending Winter' chosen as the number 3 spot on Transcendence Music blog's 'Best EPs of 2015' list:


released June 17, 2015

all songs written by Mike Lamb & Joe Russell;
recorded at R'lyeh Studio in Dunedin, New Zealand

vocals & lyrics by Kyla;
recorded at Lebensgefahr Studio, Sweden

mixed & mastered by Mike Lamb at
R'lyeh Studio in Dunedin, New Zealand

cover art: 'Famine' by John Charles Dollman



all rights reserved


Cailleach Dunedin, New Zealand

Cailleach are a black metal band from Dunedin, New Zealand. Our vocalist is based in Sweden.

The band is on hold at the moment, but we will return in 2018 with a full-length album.

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Track Name: A Forgotten Tree
Ethereal, the sorrows touch on landscapes,
dying in the bleak light reflected by a dead solitary rock.
Deep within the forest, beneath the winter sky,
I breathe the scent of barren trees as I follow a path.

Far beyond the ancient mountains,
long across the futile fields.
On the other side of fraudful ponds
and frozen streams.
Rooted 'neath the deceiving mire,
here grows the tree of immortality.

Once thriving, with branches reaching the sky.
Now forgotten, it tries to hide the splits in its bark.

I sink down through the moss, and the further down I go
the more I feel its roots grip around my limbs.

Sick from evisceration,
the tree has treaded into a never-ending wither.
I am pierced by its roots,
and it drinks the liquid exuded from my wounds.

My mind is weakening, the loss of blood takes its toll.
The tree can no longer nourish.
In my last moments I mourn the drying tree.
Never again will it flourish and reach for the sky.

As I am ending the tree is treading back,
into its never ending process of withering.

Immortality only means to be dying for eternity.
Track Name: Beneath Dead Waves
The crisp air makes my breath leave as clouds,
rising for the heavens.
With every inhalation the cold inhibits me,
and spreads through my veins.

I'm on my way to find what the legends speak of.
To find what's underneath the dead winter waves.

Walking like a parasite on the pale skin of the lake,
leaving footprints in it's powder lamina.
Dead waves are right under my feet,
I can hear a call from beneath the blood of skies.

I've traveled the lands frozen by the Cailleach's staff,
and with freezing hands I watch the ice break apart.

Once standing like a monolith on the fractured skin of the lake,
now cracks are leaping away from me.
Dead waves are now touching my feet,
and I follow the call from beneath the blood of skies.

The darkness is thickening, embracing my formation.
Bubbles flee with my last exhalation...

I sink down.
I am consumed by the blood of skies.
Finally, I am reaching infinity.
Track Name: Neverending Winter
Deep down, above a starlit sky.
Far up, below the meadows where Pleiades die.

I have searched a legend beneath dead winter waves
(you have searched a legend...)
For all this time I have yearned for solace
(all this time you have yearned...)
Now I have entered the world where no humans tread
(now you ent- mans- tread-)
I have found the source of the call
(you have found the source...)

Euphoria embraces me as I fly through this ever dark night-sky.

Beneath my eyes fraudful ponds lay still,
unawakened by my entrance.
I feel a warmth rush through me,
as I see that I have indeed reached infinity.

A breeze catches my hair,
reminding me of once forgotten senses.
Unsure of what is to come,
I try to lay down amongst the Pleiad corpses...
but I stop in mid-motion.
I've stepped on something cold and in panic, I shiver.

I behold a star that was trapped under my toe,
and as I feel a few more land on my skin, I realise:
I've found the first crystal of the eternal snow.

I've brought the cold.
Just like the Groak I've brought the frost,
and I shall never...
I shall never become warm again.